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  1. +1 - Without trying to be a whiner/ major botherer - I would also love to see selective sync implemented into this fantastic product
  2. Cheers GreatMarko Will check out the blog post as soon as I can in relation to the "Pro" version which I assume (and one should never assume) will have some nice added features. K - so it's not open source - point taken - I guess my main take there was to thank the people who work hard on great bits of kit like this for the masses which I am merely a spoke in the wheel of. Found the Automatic Backup setting if this is what you were referring to when you mentioned turning off ""Auto Sync". Will experiment and see how it goes. Will put my 2 cents worth in at the other threads at some stage as suggested. Appreciate your help - now all I gotta do is find a solution as to why I am only getting 110kb p/s transfer speeds with large files from local network to remote network - guess thats a topic for another day/ thread though.
  3. Hey Guys and Gals New here at the forum so please be gentle! First of all - TY TY TY for such a wonderful product. I don't know how the development is being funded (yes I believe it's open source but people still need a paycheck at the end of the day) but to get a free product like this is awesome - me likey a lot. Now to business - I have a quick question if someone would be so kind. I have searched this forum and seen questions asked in relation to limits on the amount of files and size etc (no need for SIGHS here - not the same question). What I HAVEN'T been able to find though is if there IS a possible way to restrict the size of a synced file? Example: I would like to Sync a file from my local machines to my iPhone but would like to have it read/ write with a max capacity of say 2gb so as avoid overload on the phone - is this even possible with BitTorrent Sync? Would there be any way of implementing a feature like this or would I need to find another way? I guess in a sense I am looking for a kind of partitioning option within BT Sync itelf. Before posting I searched the forum with the following terms: Folder size limitingSync folder limit sizeLimit size of synced fileAppreciate your time - thanks in advance.