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  1. None of the files in question are bigger than 4 GBytes. Also, I have had no problem transferring similar sized files to my Nexus using Software Data Cable, an app that uses an ftp transfer protocol. So I am puzzled as to why I am having this problem using BT Sync. Thanks for your suggestions. I will try the "Send Feedback" option ASAP. Just got back in town after a two day vacation.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I do have enough free RAM and can transfer these same files using the "Software Data Cable" app. BT would be handier to use if I can find the cause of this problem.
  3. I've just started using BT Sync to sync video files between my desktop (Windows 8.1) and my old Nexus 7 (Android 4.4.4). I have the latest beta version of BT Sync for each device, Two problems: 1) Two files slightly larger than 3 GBytes don't transfer. One file failed just as it was completing while the other just didn't get started. In each case you can see it retrying to sync intermittently. Don't know if it's relevant that both files were the .MKV type. 2) After working fine the first day, the subfolders list in the Android Sync folder is empty. I verified that the folders (and files) are still there using ES File Explorer. Rebooting the Nexus caused them to reappear but then they disappeared again a few minutes later. .