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  1. Yes the camera backup functionality works, but it is only one way (phone to PC). I previously had it setup two way, so when pictures were removed from the directory on the PC, they were removed from the phone. When I use the built in Camera backup option, there is no option to share it as read/write. If I try to add the directory by creating a new backup share on the phone for a custom folder, I never get an option to share it as read/write. If I first create the folder on the computer and try to share it to the phone with a read/write QR code using the DCIM directory the phone gives me an error that the directory is already shared.
  2. When I setup sync on my old phone, I was able to add the camera's picture directory on my own and set it up to be shared read/write and sync it to my home PC where I could easily sort and move pictures and at the same time remove them from my phone. With the updated app, I can no longer add the folder or share the camera directory as read/write. I'm not sure when this happened, I just know it occurred sometime after the big update to 1.4. I would really like this functionality back. Thanks.