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  1. What button on the gui do I press to start a sync? My folder synced with android on install. Not done it for a day.
  2. For every posted thumbs up on this topic, there are at least 1,000 people that initially passed up on this program in playstore (name of sync, not sync/backup) And another few thousand that installed, tried, and tactilely installed bit-torrent sync. Not sure why this was never included to begin with. What is the alternative? Cloud sync? I think not! That leaves one other pay program (that is window or mac, only) that will only work over wifi.
  3. Thanks. I have looked at every category in playstore. All available apps (that I saw) are a backup to a cloud (minus chetahsync - which has the shortcomings that I listed). I do not wish to be cloud dependent for the rest of my life. I think this folly. Could write a book on it, entitled, "Too Big to Fail. Why cloud backup reliance, is stupidity." Not that cloud backup is something I won't take advantage of. I just won't use it as my first line of backup. I use cloud as backup of my two main backups. Ditto, on cloud navigation.
  4. I am not totally convinced that you are right. If you set to read-only, would you get a backup? If you are right, then you are implying you know of a single backup program other than this one? There is not any, other than Chetah sync, which 1. cost money for backup of more than one folder. 2. cannot backup over the cell network. 3. probably platform dependant. In the real world, it makes zero sense (hasn't ever made, since sync was invented) to ever have a true sync. No sense, for a true one. One would always rather archive rather than delete on destination computer. One would always like to have previous versions of replaced files on destination. Syncing will cost you thousands of dollars per decade over a backup. You might not think so, but it will. Even google drive is not a true sync (nothing is ever deleted in truth (i have dug up docs that were deleted a year earlier), and old versions are kept. (Google drive is more an invisible backup hub, with peripheral computer sync) Most importantly, if a program can sync, then that program has the code for backup (just skip the file removal/ second direction part of the code with a goto, triggered by a variable set in the ini or prefs. Certainly, this program has potential. On first use, a newcomer can tell the author(s), haven't ironed out the seemly useless confusing stuff in the gui. Perhaps, there is a backup ability (via turning off write, or such) that you just do not, yourselves, know about.
  5. I just want to add a one or more folders to backup on home computer. I never, ever, ever, ever, want to sync!!!!! When I delete a file on android, it always should stay on computer. Syncing is for idiots. For example, in the 1990's, we could go back into our computer and look at every appointment and note for last ten years of our life. This is a very powerful, valuable $$$$ tool. But syncing looses this ability. To push forward in time, we must clear out finished projects. Syncing, true syncing, deletes forever the record and knowledge of the past. Anyway, I followed all instructions, qr code, etc. I chose a directory to sync. It does not!!!! Instead, it creates a sub directory to sync called bit sync . WTH? This is not what I want to do! I specifically speced out a directory, instead, it is making and syncing a sub directory. Then, like, an idiot, it syncs! It doesn't backup to home computer!!! I delete file on android, it deletes it on the computer! How do I 1. point it to an existing directory (I don't want it to create a sub) 2. backup this directory on my home computer. Backup, for Heaven sake, no sync!