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  1. RomanZ, From a user's perspective the file was not saved or altered so the modified time should not have changed. That being said, I can't speak for anything that the KeePassDroid app actually did in the background when the database was open. It could very well have updated some meta data or re-saved the entire database without my knowledge. The problem hasn't arisen again since, however, I have only used it twice on my phone since the issue originally occurred. I've checked the modified time in ES File Explorer and it is dated to before the times I've accessed it. Also, from my previous t
  2. Correct Not exactly. Sync hadn't been running on my phone for at least a week in which time I had added more entries to my keepass DB on my other computers in the swarm. Between my Windows 7, Windows 10 and Debian machines these changes synced fine. The problem arose when I added another file to the share (I did not update keepass database) on my phone. I noticed sync wasn't running on my phone and started it. It started syncing and I let it go. Later when I opened my keypass file on my Windows 10 machine I noticed it had rolled back. I checked the old version in the .sync folder and it was
  3. Effected Machines: Android 4.4 BTSync Version: Windows 10 BTSync Version: 1.4.? (I'll have to check the specific version when I get home) Overview of the issue: I have been using BTSync with few issues for quite a while between my work machine (Debian Testing), my home machines (Windows 10 and Windows 7) and my phone (Android 4.4). However this morning I copied a file to my a sync folder on my phone. I then noticed sync wasn't running (likely due to a restart at some point a week or more previous). I started up the Sync application and it notified me it was re-indexing