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  1. Hi again, Getting more informed. I seem to have the opportunity using 1.4 version folders. Though the peerlist will keep showing the deleted file but never sending it I hope. Thanks for reading and sorry for posting before reading all the manuals. HavocDK
  2. Hi Hipska, I have that problem when making the folder on my Synology NAS outside the Sync web-interface. If I make the folder from Sync I have no problems with the permissions. Maybe that is an option? Regards, HavocDK
  3. Hi all, I have a setup as follows: (1) Linux x64 version 2.0.128 (36), I make a folder and share it as Read only (2) Synology NAS version 2.0.128 (36), I add the foldder using "Manual Connection" I get files into the FROM(1) folder and they sync lovely to the TO(2) folder. This works like a charm and all is good. Problem: I delete the file in the TO(2) folder and expect the file to stay in the FROM(1) folder but it is deleted. What am I doing wrong? I see looking at the "Peer list..." that Permissions says "Owner" and not "Read only". How can I make sure that the source stays untouched like in the old days (version 1.xx)? Thanks in advance, HavocDK
  4. Hi! Seems like this version is 0 bytes? btsync_glibc23_x64-1.4.111.tar.gz Regards, Lars
  5. Hi! I have an observation for the "Out of Sync" and "No peers online" problem. (1): Synology NAS / Linux ARM version / 1.4.103 (2): Server / Linux x64 / 1.4.103 Add empty folder on server (2). Add read only folder on Synology (1). A: Add files to folder on server (2). All sync fine to Synology (1) and reports "Finished syncing". This can repeat without problem. B: Removes one of more files on Synology (1) which is still on server (2). Server (2) now reports "Out of sync". Synology (1) reports "green checkmark". C: Adding files to folder on server (2). All still seems to sync fine. Status as B D: Removes on or more files on server (2). Not the same as in B. Files moved to archive at Synology (1). Status as B E: Removes one of more files on Synology (1) which is still on server (2). Then removes file from server (2). Server (2) now reports "Out of sync". Synology (1) reports "Out of sync". At this stage I have to make a new folder since sync'ing will not be stable. Adding files til server (2) will only sync one file and only after restart of Synology (2) the sync will take one file again. Hope this can help the de-bug. Regards