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  1. Yes, hats off to the developers. They made a fine product. I don't know the internal workings of Bittorrent, Inc. so I can't know if they had any say on this new direction. I'll respond to mine. The answer is no. It's a flexible product, but they came up with a price and model that is far outside the bounds of reality. Knowing that, I would have transitioned out of the product back when 2.0 was announced. But they said that existing functionality would remain. This has proven to not be the case. Also, with regard to your Netflix jab. There are absolutely other services out there, including Plex which pretty much covers that one. They have both an inexpensive subscription model and a very good free product. BTsync has been a great product. It may become one again. But so long as they are not being honest with their consumers, they won't. It's not the price, it's being able to take them at their word.
  2. Here's an official rundown:
  3. It is. On the other hand, it's not the same thing. Like, at all. BTsync is a a file sharing tool, whereas Dropbox is a fully hosted service. When I host 1TB on Dropbox, my house can burn down and I'll still have my data. (Not that my data is worth my house, or even remotely close) I really don't want Sync to be Dropbox or its ilk. I want it to do what it's doing, and I would be happy to throw some money to purchase the program. But I don't see them as a service. I want them to continue improving the software, so buying a copy makes sense. I see no justification for a subscription model.
  4. It would depend on the price, of course, but a lifetime license would be an attractive proposition.
  5. No, it's really not. They have far less overhead cost than a service like Dropbox. And there are alternatives. And anyway, I want them to follow through with what the promised. If they don't stand behind their word, the rest is irrelevant.
  6. I wouldn't do a subscription, period. I would happily pay for the software, perhaps as a "per major version" type thing. But a subscription is out. After the fiasco that was today, the only way they get my money is if they first bring back unlimited synced folders to the free version. If they're going to be dishonest, they won't get a penny out of me. And even then, they need to have some other model. If it's still subscription, then they need some sort of lifetime one time payment.
  7. Your points are good. But at the end of the day, we were either lied to or mislead. I like this product immensely, but they need to acknowledge our anger and try to make it right. I am looking into Syncthing. It seems promising. Time will tell.
  8. I have no idea which entire PC library you are referring to. But that misses the point. The said one thing, that they wouldn't remove functionality from the free version, and then said another thing, which is a 10 folder limit. And while we're on the topic of something for nothing, they used the community to test their product for free. Do you think the majority of us would have been testing version 2 knowing where it was leading? There's a lot of ill will right now, and what they do in the next day or so will have a fairly big impact on who does and doesBn't use their product going forward. If they get rid of the limitation, I'll use it. If not, I'll pursue other options. Honestly, in spite of today I would rather continue using btsync. But they need to deliver what they promised.
  9. Most of us have indicated that we would pay for a product and just don't like the subscription model. And it's not kindness to say one thing and do another.
  10. That isn't the issue. We were promised that, whatever else happened, we would still have the same functionality as 1.4. A 10 folder limit is a pretty big drop in functionality, and breaks my particular use case. I will happily pay for your product, but I will not pay for a subscription. If you really must have the subscription model, perhaps you could consider something like Plex's lifetime subscription? (Pay once at a higher price for a lifetime subscription). And while I'm at it, is there a way to opt out of the free trial?
  11. Speaking for myself, I have around 30 separate folders. I've installed version 2 on one of my machines to see how it would behave with them, but because there's a non-option 30 free trial of pro, so I still have no idea if it will honour my previous folders or not. And even if it does, I can't create new ones without removing most of what I currently have. The issue is this: some months ago when 2.0 was announced they (Bittorrent, Inc.) made a promise that features would not be removed. Changing unlimited folders to a maximum of 10 is a huge change in functionality. I also would like to pay for btsync. But this isn't the way.
  12. Enjoy! Oh, I misread your question. I think this is the most recent 1.4 version. (Some people report auto update bringing in 1.4.111. I haven't found a direct link to that one, but if that autoupdate is still going out then someone could probably get the installer by allowing the updater to run and then locating it in the temp folder of whichever OS)
  13. I would like to see how Sync 2 behaves in its non-pro form, and I'm not really delighted with the idea of waiting for 30 days for it to expire. Agreeing to the TOS and clicking continue automatically sets up the trial. I'm honestly not sure if this is a bug or not. But a choice between "Get the pro version or click continue" then leading to "Hey! Help yourself to 30 days of pro!" isn't really a choice at all. I have a lot of folders from 1.4 and really need to know how it's going to behave with regard to the folder limit.
  14. I would like to know if the 1.4 folders count against the 10 folder limit.
  15. A couple of questions. Is the folder limit just with regard to 2.0 sync folders? There seems to be a distinction within the program. And is there a way to opt out of the 30 day pro trial? I can't give this a fair shot if I can't see how it's going to behave without the pro features.
  16. What happened to no features being taken away? The 10 folder limit is a non-starter. I'm afraid to even try this one in the off chance that it messes up my shared folders from 1.3 / 1.4. Also, a yearly fee structure isn't happening with me. I'd be happy to pay a reasonable one-time price for this software. I use it all the time. But I won't go with a subscription model. Maybe do the Plex thing and offer a lifetime price?
  17. Yes, please this! It's the one thing that really bugs me about every version of btsync thus far. I have quite a number of synced folders and it would help tremendously to be able to organize them in something other than 'most recently added at the bottom'
  18. +1 This for me is an important feature. I use btsync to organize all of my devices pretty much all of the time, and it's a giant chaotic mess, particularly when I have to add one or redo one. And anyway/ my life is disorganized enough.
  19. There doesn't appear to be an obvious way on the device side. What I do is create a sync folder on the computer side, and then share read/write to mobile.