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  1. GreatMarko, Generating and using the config file was still a concern for me because I don't know what side effects would be caused by initiating with the config file you propose. I find somethings that this often creates other issues that need to be cleaned up. In any case, for anyone else who later finds this thread, I wanted to report an easier way I found. In the web UI, Options, Preferences, Login tab. I entered a null username, a null password, and the current password. Fixed! Now the web UI starts up and asks for no username/password. Thank you for all your help. Now I'm up and running!
  2. or ? (My UI starts up on web browser URL and I don't want to break what I already have running.) Also, BTW, the storage path seems to be "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\BitTorrent Sync
  3. GreatMarko, Thank you for being patient with me. I cannot find any file other than the BTSync executable file. I don't have a config file, as much as I can tell. Running BTSync.ex on Windows. I poked around the web and found references to create a config file using a command line option, but that appears to not work from the Windows executable. So, I tried to find a command line reference. Also, found only snippets in the forum with no explanation that helped me get the config file. --dump-sample-config does not generate a config file for me (no errors either, just no file) I am still trying to figure out how to remove the password and username from the config file and then run BTSync with the config file so that I can run the web UI with no username password. Where is a reference for all the command line options? For example, references command line option, but doesn't tell me what they are.
  4. GreatMarko, I used the /minimized command and it worked as desired. Using a Windows installation, how do I "run Sync with a config file once" ? I looked at the html manual on-line and couldn't find any guidance.
  5. RomanZ, Thank you for your reply. In my case, the Windows UI runs in Firefox. I was not succinct enough with my questions, so I think I misled you. I understand about the web UI to the local IP address at port 8888. Here is what I was trying to ask: 1) How do I make BTSync automatically start in Windows but NOT load the web UI ? I like it this way on the Mac) 2) Why does the Windows UI require a username password while the Mac UI does not ? I am willing to accept that physical presence at my keyboard is authorization to modify sync settings and would prefer not to remember another username and password. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  6. I installed BTSync on my Mac and Windows machine. On the Mac, it starts up and runs each time I turn on and log into the computer. If I do not log in, but boot the computer, is BTSync running in the background or do I need to log in first? On the Windows machine, it does not start when booting. Installation did not create a start menu entry, so I added a shortcut to the executable in my startup folder. Okay, now it asks for a username and password every time when BTSync.exe starts to run and tries to log into This is the username and password that BTSync asked me to create when I installed it. Why does BTSync need a new username and password when installing, and why is it needed to run the BTsync.exe executable? Is this normal behavior? Shouldn't it start and run even without me logged in to sync files? Does the browser windo need to be open for BTSync to synchronize? Why do I need to enter a username and password for it to run each time? Kind of confusing so far...