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  1. No I don't have more than 10 folders at the moment. I'm syncing a couple of Windows 7 PC's and a Netgear ReadyNAS 314. The latest available version on the NAS is 2.0.93 and I understand all synced devices need to run the same version. Is 2.0.93 a stable version? Moe, what does the (51) refer to?
  2. I have read lots of "older" posts about problems with upgrading from v1.4 to v2. Is this still the case or have things improved? Also, are there any real benefits of upgrading? If I do upgrade which is the most stable release of v2?
  3. Excellent, do we just use the Windows 7+ version then?
  4. Can you sync folders on a Windows Server 2012 with folders on a Windows 7 PC?
  5. I'm wondering if the NAS drive is part of the problem. Do either of you have a NAS drive synced with the problem folders? The original files are moved to .sync/Archive. I've found that if we open the files from the Archive and re-save them so that the date stamp changes then copy them back to the original synced folder they will then sync correctly. This problem is only with new files.
  6. We have started getting a similar issue over the last 2 days. Sync has been working perfectly since we installed 1.4.103 until now. A new file is created on a Windows 7 PC. This syncs with a Netgear Ready NAS but creates a 0KB copy of the file which is then synced back to the original PC overwriting the file with a 0KB copy! This doesn't happen every time but is becoming more regular. Any ideas why this is happening?
  7. On this topic is it safe to reconnect a disconnected sync folder?
  8. Please explain the statement "old files overwrite new ones" when "Files updated / moved on 2 or more peers while one peer has Sync off."
  9. @RomanZ Please explain this further. Does Sync always need to be "on" on all peers whilst editing files that are in the sync folder? I use a laptop that I normally only sync when in the office. If I'm out of the office on battery power I will turn off sync and other services to save battery broadband allowance.