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  1. Thank you. That helps. I also discovered why BT Sync was not syncing. The file I checked for this "hung" on the source computer. It was a Pages file I was working on and when I tried to save it again I was told it could not be saved because it had been modified by another program (I had opened it but not saved it on the laptop). Nevertheless, what is the point of a Status column when nothing is actually indicated there and you need other columns to show what is going on. All the "Status" field should do is show something like "in sync", or perhaps we only get that in the professional version
  2. Hi, When I re-installed Yosemite from scratch I also updated to BT Sync 2.2.2. However, I seem to have a problem because the two folders I linked don't seem to be syncing and no status message is displayed (i.e. BT Sync shows that there is 1 peer online, gives the correct name of the folder to be synced but shows nothing at all under "Status"). I tried including a screenshot but the forum does not appear to allow that ("not alowed to use that image extension"). I have no idea what to do next? No error messages ... nothing, yet the peer is online. Any ideas?
  3. I thought I just upgraded to 2.2.1 after installing 2.2.1. on my Synology 1812+ but now notice that the previous version (1.4) is still there and no settings appear to have been upated. Is there a way of transferring the settings from 1.4 to 2.2.1?
  4. I am sorry, I should have been clearer. I am syncing between two Macs, both running Yosemite, so there is no issue with different file systems. That is why I said the help message was not very helpful. UPDATE: Now that the sync operation between these two systems seems to have finished I ended up with a .Conflict folder which to all intents and purposes is an exact replica of the original folder.
  5. Hi, I made some important changes to a large folder and had become uncertain about what was being synced where, so I decided I would start afresh. I diconnected the folder from BT Sync on both A and B; quit BT Sync (I am still on 1.4), deleted the physical folder on B, deleted the .sync folder on both A and B and used Finder to copy the folder and its contents from A to B. I then started Sync again, set up a fresh link between these folders (Reading and Writing permission enabled) and they started syncing happily. I thought this would be over in a minute or two since both folders were now id
  6. What is the status of the official package? I have been singing Bittorrent's praise on the Synology site and am running the unofficial package now but had a huge problem with it resulting in a disfunctional diskstation in an earlier release a few months ago (since that time it has been stable though) so I am quite desperate for an official release.
  7. Same problem here between two Macs (a MBP and an iMac) with two of 6 R&W folders (the other 4 sync fine)! When I check the Peerlist/files it is the same file in both folders that seems to cause the trouble: I am using 1.4.103.