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  1. @GreatMarko: I can confirm this is not the case for my system (latest BTSync for Mac). Rename folders, moving files still cause massive delete and upload.
  2. Is there something I miss but why Bittorrent Sync doesnt seem to understand move/rename and similar operation? Every time I rename a folder, BT Sync has to reupload a whole new folder again, the same thing happens with moving files/folder. Dropbox doesnt seem to suffer this problem. Hope this is something silly I missed out. Please share your thoughts.
  3. Is this still in development? I'm very disappointed by the lack of response. Asking community to test your software and then ignore any feedback is poor form
  4. One question, This package doesn't seem to have restricted privilege like Synocommunity package. Should that be a problem where an user can see unauthorised folders? It would be very helpful to have user/usergroup in Control Panel for easier permission settings.
  5. Hi thanks for uploading package for 88f6281. I have just tested it, seems to work fine. However, there's one big problem with all syncing services on Synology, that is indexing service (synoindex) doesnt seem to "see" newly synced media files. For example: I want to sync a photo folder on my laptop to a folder inside "photo" share. Files get synced smoothly. However synoindex doesnt see those new files, consequently Photostation doesnt generate thumbnail for them and I cant view them on Photostation. I have searched around this issue and found this:
  6. Hi, I'd like to test this package. However I only have Armada 300, could you please make one available? Thanks