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  1. Have same problem since fall creator update on Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. / MINIMIZED was present in registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key
  2. Hello, After removal and add back this folder all went OK Thanks
  3. Hello, In Sync Home the status icon is always turning around on one of my sync folders. indication : (free translation) "loading list with files " This is going on for days now ! Anyone an idea ? Rgds
  4. @romanz sorry for delay but I got a blue screen on my laptop. started with new laptop I had no problems to connect my pc's thanks a lot
  5. @RomanZ, 1) only one user and I was able to put folder in /home 2) synaptic uses files : btsync 2.002 btsunc-core 2.093-1 I also update but got message that system was up to date Rgds
  6. @RomanZ I have more problems : - have only rights for reading on sync files - changes made on linux desktop are not transmitted to laptop windows I think it's something todo with the position of the sync folders in /mnt I reinstalled btsync from synaptic after deleting btsyn and reboot Now I had a choice to change the default folder for sync not in /mnt but into /home Trying again I encounter the same problem "this key is invalid.Please check key and try again" Introduced key without pasting gives same result Key : begins with A and other caracters consist of digits 2..7 and capital letters A
  7. Hello RomanZ Yes it's weird, before I want to follow your steps I tried again with the key and it works. possible reason : two days ago I carried out a sfc scannow and this resulted in repairs of files (do not ask me which files are repaired as I do not understand the cbs.log) Now the key is accepted but I have another problem : - When I choose the folder "backup" in the upper case I got the message "sync does not have permission to access this folder" - When I click "new folder" in lower case and name it "backup" its starts to sync with my windows laptop and I can find my files from windo
  8. Hello RomanZ 1) code starts with "A" 2) correct Rgds
  9. Hello RomanZ 1) I did not work with a link as "https://link.getsync.com/#f=Sync5&sz=0&t=1&s=HHB547MA34MBAL2QWFFLML26IA4UBUFI&i=CHSYSH7PELIRGAUEVPZFRP5FLP3CHCOOA&e=1443198421&v=2.2" but with a code of 33caracters. (I cannot find a right way to introduce the link into the configuration of my linux desktop) 2) I have no idea how to check for apps working with modiyfying clipboard. Rgds Hello RomanZ I compare the generated code with code in clipboard (pasted in write of libreoffice) : exactly the same Rgds
  10. Hello, Installed on laptop (windows 10 pro 64 bit) BT 2.2.1 Installed on desktop (linux mint 13 maya) BT i386 2.2.1 When I paste the key generated from my laptop into "manual connection" of configuration screen "localhost:888/gui/" of the desktop I get following message : this key is invalid. please check the key and try again. Already reinstalled BT on both machines with same result Anyone an idea ? Rgds
  11. Thanks it worked In fact my problems were link to the installation of btsyn 2.0 software. ./btsyn = running the file not installing Thanks again for your help I
  12. Hello, From my win desktop I try to share my folder by sending an invitation to the linux desktop. The link gives the following error message : "can not open btsync://link.getsync.com ? f: documents ......" (free translation from dutch) In chrome the handler is in postion : allow .... Anyone an idea what I am doing wrong ? regards
  13. Thanks to the article "linux-desktop-gui-unofficial-packages-for-bittorrent-sync" of tuxpoldo in forum "sync general discussion" my problem is solved. All is working as I wanted Thanks
  14. Hello, I am new with this matter. I have 3 PC's : 1 on Windows 7 64bit, 2 on Linux Mint 13 32 bit Initially I added folder "Documents" on all PCs : during sync folder Documents(1) appeared on both PC Linux Finally the sync was compled and I had access to my data in folder Documents PC Win and folders Documents(1) in both PCs Linux. After restarting all PCs, I had to start over the initial setup on both PCs Linux to make sync possible, but now folder Documents(2) appeared on both PCs Linux. What I am doing wrong ? I presume that after a reboot the system should automaticly sync again in