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  1. Thanks for the information. Read both of the links. Still haven't been able to do a simple mirroring of "documents"/"documents"--just lack the understanding. I can't believe that a step by step of this isn't a basic part of the setup instructions. To sync the documents folders between a laptop and desktop would seem like the most common uses of this program and for it not to be detailed on the site surprises me.
  2. I have spent hours trying to sync my "Documents" folders (as well as Pictures & Music) between my desktop and laptop computers. I have installed and uninstalled BitTorrent sync. Given up completely, then came back to it because at one time, before upgrades and new hard drives, it worked beautifully. I am sure it is simple and obvious, but not to me. The last time was when I shared "Documents" from my laptop, I entered the key on my desktop computer which prompted Snyc to require the destination file. Instead of the default, I entered the path to C:\Users\Michael\Documents. Instead of synci
  3. I am trying to do the same thing, sync the Documents folder on my desktop, to the Documents folder on my laptop. I have tried doing it in both directions, but what happens in both cases is that it creates a duplicate Documents folder under Documents. My desktop is Windows 7 and my laptop Win 8, is the problem with the directory structure?