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  1. Thanks for the response! I didn't realise that Time Machine can back up to multiple locations, so I'm going to try using to connect remotely to my Drobo and select it as a backup drive in Time Machine. I'll probably have to do the initial backup over LAN but hopefully the incremental backups should be relatively small. The idea is to use my own cloud rather than a commercial one.
  2. I've been using btsync with a USB drive for a while now without any issues on my Mac. Only thing I notice is that sometimes it'll have to re-index the sync folders when reconnecting sometimes which depending on the size of your folders can take a while.
  3. Can't believe I'm the first person trying to do this, but can't find any previous threads. I want to make a remote copy of my Time Machine backups (if I have a fire at home then I'll likely loose my computer and the backup machine, so I want a copy in a completely different location). But, when I try to add my Time Machine backup folder I get a message saying that I don't have write permission. Can anyone help?