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  1. Looking to see if anyone got this working and how. Step by step instructions would be great, I am somewhat computer savvy but not at all a network expert.
  2. Phenomenal! I'm glad I was able to help in a small way. Thanks for the great application and system.
  3. That is incorrect -- video is not muted when you flip the side switch to ringer off. That switch is only for the ringer/vibrate function, not for the overall audio. None of my other apps, be it Camera Roll that you mentioned, or any other audio/video of any kind is muted when the ringer/vibrate switch on the side is in vibrate. It really is just a BT Sync app issue, from the unscientific testing I have done. My iPhone 3GS or 4S also did not mute audio coming from videos simply because the switch on the side was in silent/vibrate. I leave my switch in silent 99% of the time, and have no issues playing any other kind of audio or video with sound. I play Pandora and iTunes all the time, and watch YouTube videos quite often... no issues. Hope this helps.
  4. I figured out the main contributing factor: When I have the vibrate/sound switch in silent, there is no audio through the speakers when I play the video within the Sync app. I do however have audio through a headset when plugged in. When I have that switch in the ON position (normal ring volume/sound) there is audio through the headset and speakers. This appears to be a Sync app issue. Maybe a minor bug. My iPhone 6 does not do this in any other application, to include iCloud videos, Youtube, and third party apps that I play videos through (Path, among others for example). So, in my unprofessional opinion, possible bug? Thanks, Matt
  5. The codec in my video is "AAC, H.264." The H.264 is listed on the link you sent. I am still not receiving sound on two different movies I've sync'd on my iPhone 6. One is an MPEG-4 Movie with the above codecs, and the other is a Quicktime Movie with the above codecs. Thoughts? Just did a quick test... when I use a headphone with the video, the sound comes through the headphone. I pull the headphone out, and there is no audio.
  6. I'm not sure. I don't know how to determine that, but I will try to find out. The Sync app is the latest (just downloaded it two nights ago) that is available on iTunes. This is a GREAT product by the way, just really want sound to work. The video previously was on my Dropbox account, and the sound was working. All I did was drag/drop that exact video from my Dropbox folder to my new BTS folder, and synced my phone. The video loads fine but no sound. Any help would be much appreciated. How do I find out what codec it is? My gut tells me it is a supported codec due to the fact the sound worked fine through the Dropbox app. Matt
  7. As the title says, I have synced a video to my phone and I am not receiving any sound to it. I have a relatively brand new iPhone 6 and the video is a quicktime format video that plays perfectly fine on my computer, and played perfectly fine on the Dropbox app (until I deleted it as part of deleting my Dropbox Pro account). Matt