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  1. Has anyone found a solution ? Any word from Sync Team ?
  2. Anyone has a solution ? I agree with lmdp, this is extremly annoying...
  3. Thanks for feedback, I still have that bug with v1.4.106. It does not depend on size file here : it can happen with 10 ko file or with 50 mo file randomly. It seems that some file are particularly reluctant (some just don't want to be synced, and remain at 0 ko : I have to rename them, and copy them again to make it work). It never happens when I modify a file already synced. Any idea is much appreciated
  4. Hi Folks, It seem there is a strange bug across my small network of Synced folders : when I copy a file in a Synced folder, the file is sometimes reseted at 0 ko : It is copied correctly, with its right size, but a few seconds after the sync begins, the file may be rewrited at 0 ko, causing a loss of data. I have 8 computers in my network, this bug can happen on all of them (all have last version, 1.4.103). I doesnt happen each time I insert a new file in a synced folder, but it still happens pretty often (I have to be carefull the file is correctly copied, I lost some important stuff on