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  1. Apparently I'm required to SSH into each NAS and "chmod -D 777 <share>" each directory I want to sync... odd that there's a web interface provided that is useless on it's own without SSHing in... <shrug> Works now. Thanks anyhow all... hope this is useful to someone else.
  2. Hey there everyone! I'm attempting to sync between a pair of ReadyNAS 316s. They're each running firmware v6.2.1 and using BitTorrent Sync v1.4.103. Within BTSync, every time I try to add a folder, the "Add" button on the "Add Folder" dialog box is grayed out with the mouseover text "You do not have permission to write to this directory". Could you please explicitly specify what permissions I need to change to make this work? Am I changing the Windows SAMBA permissions or am I required to SSH onto the box to change the perms on the NAS's native Linux OS itself? I'm a little confused as this seems like it shouldn't be an obstacle that's necessary to overcome for new folders that I JUST made... I must be missing something. Thanks in advance! MindMusic