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  1. Got it and will do. I tried adding the pro license BTS file and it threw the whole network into disarray. All the other machines then said my pro license was no longer valid and subscribed them from the folders. Thus, I removed it from that machine. I'll go the route you're suggesting. And yes, everything is bi-directional.. Thx!
  2. Hello- It was awhile ago that I added all my machines to my Pro license. Now, I'd like to add another. What is the best way to do this? Do I need to get the URL/Code from the original computer that I originally set this up on? Now, the silly question: How do I know which one was the 'master'? I have 14 computers that all sync data (stupid, I know). Any guidance how I add my 15th? I tried from a random client, but things appear to have exploded. Thx.
  3. Hello- We're evaluating Sync and so far, looks pretty good. But, on a network with 13 clients, we're having a problem: 2 of the machines have files that are disapearing after saving. Steps to reproduce: - Put an excel workbook in the folder that is being synced. - Open the excel workbook, make some changes and select 'save as...' and save the new workbook with a different name- Save in same location. - We can see the file, but after about 30 sec, it disappears never to be seen again. What we've tried: - Restarting - Resync-ing all the clocks on all the machines with internet time More Info: - Happens on only two of the 13 machines - Windows 7 with the latest updates - Latest version of sync - We changed the sync filter to exlude .exe and .tmp files Any thoughts? Thx! UPDATE: Fixed... We found the problem.. All the machines need to either be on selective or all sync. We reset them all to be on sync all files and it works great.
  4. Hello- I'm looking into using BTS on an internal network that is NOT connected to the internet (at all). Is it possible to use BTS without any internet connection? I tried to do an initial setup, but it looks like all the keys are controlled and accessed via: address. Is there a way to give the clients access without access to the internet? Thx.