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  1. I agree this limitation is very stupid. Recently I got a new phone and I wanted to use my old phone as a server which will sit at home and will be on wi-fi 7/24. I thought I could use it to sync my files between my laptop and my home pc or anytime I need to access my files from any computer. It does not work since write keys can not be generated from an android phone. This makes no sense at all.
  2. I tried several times and it does not work. I added the folder on PC and used R/W key to setup a folder on phone. It worked fine. Then I turned PC off and set up a folder on laptop using the same R/W key but only folders were synced. No files, not even a single one was synced. This is the closest I could get.
  3. I have an obsolete android phone with 4GB free space on it. I wanted to use it as a server for sync. It will be connected to wireless at home at all times and my pc/laptop/tablet will be able to sync files between each other any time by just having that obsolete phone on. When I tried to set it up that way, I realized I can only add a backup folder with a read key. What I am trying to do is very similar to described here: I realize the only way I can have such setup is