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  1. I found this post:

    It is the same for me. Each Version above 2.4.5 cannot connect to the version 1.4 on my Diskstation - besides the version 2.5.5 on Android. Windows and Linux with 2.5 can connect, if relayserver is activated.

    I go back to version 2.4.5. on Linux and Windows. This works good with the old version on Diskstation.

    When you have a new 2.5 version, which can connect to older versions without relayserver, I'm glad to test it. But I have no use for versions, which only can connect to new Resilio-versions.


  2. Hello,

    I use Version 1.4.111 of BittorrentSync on my Synology Diskstation 213+ because no newer version is available for the Quorig-Processor of my Diskstation.

    On my Linux and Windows I use a actual version of Resilio Sync (2.5.2 and 2.5.4). Since some time, no connection is possible between this Sync-installations. Only my Android with version 2.5.5 of Resilio Sync is able to sync with my Diskstation.

    In the sync.log of my Linux I see for example

    Got ping (broadcast: 0) from peer

    many times. is my Diskstation.

    Has anyone a idea, what the reason is? Are the new versions of Resilio Sync changed to ignore the old version? Or is it a configuration issue?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. I installed the package "bittorrentsync_qoriq_1.4.103-1.spk" to my DiskStation 213+ and it runs.


    But I have questions about permissions and at first I describe the history:


    On my DiskStation I have different Shares and used the Synology CloudStation for syncing this shares to different clients. After the last updates of DSM and CloudStation I have problems with the synchronization and so decide to check out BitTorrent Sync.


    At first I install the SynoCommunity-package of btsync and have problems with the permissions. I was able to add the keys and assign them to the existing shares. But in the log was visible, that no writing in the folder was possible because of missing permission. I try to add the user btsync to a group and give the group permissions for the shares. But this did not work either.


    Then I see this post, deinstalled the SynoCommunity package and install your package.


    I assign different keys to the existing shares and see no permission-errors in the log. But most of the directories are out of sync and for 2 big directories the sync-date is shown as "in 13 years" and "in 23 years". Maybe the sync last some time, but maybe there is still a permission-problem...


    After this I create a new share with write-permission for user admin and 2 other users. When I want to assign a key to this share, I got the message, that there is no permission to write into this directory.

    I delete the new share and assign the key to a new directory on volume1 and this was possible and seems to sync without permission-problems. But this new directory is not visible as a share and I cannot give permission for other users.

    In this case I can live with this solution, because this directory should only be synced and not accessed via CIFS or NFS. But I have other directories, which should be synced and parallel be accessed via CIFS.


    So, how can I create a share, which has write permissions for btsync and other users?

    Why has the new package no write-permission to a directory, where the user admin has write-permission? In this post was mentioned, that the package runs as root/admin user.



  4. I have some additional information to the encrypted folder, which causes the problems with windows sync-client:


    The folder contains 344 files in 42 folders.

    The file-names are encrypted too.


    I changed singular files in the folder and see, that they are immediatly synched between the ubuntu-clients.


    But the android-clients don't get the changed files. I create a new encrypted folder on a ubuntu-client, share it and sync with a empty folder in android. The encrypted files are copied to the android-folder very fast. But when I made changes, they are not synced. I see in the android-client, that 4 files have to be synced. But even manually sync do nothing.


    I don't know, if this behavior in android has something to do with the hang of windows-clients. But it is another issue, which has to be solved. Otherwise I cannot use btsync for my needs.


    I found a older post where issues with encrypted files are mentioned and that they are solved with version 1.4.99. I have the latest version 1.4.103 installed on ubuntu and version on android. Have the older android-version maybe still issues with encrypted files?

  5. Hello,


    I just start using btsync, because I search an alternative to Synology CloudStation, which has problems since last updates.


    I install btsync to 2 computer with Ubuntu, a Android Smartphone, 2 Windows 7 PC and a Synology Diskstation 213+ and want to sync different folders.


    I have an issue, when I add a folder, which is encrypted with encfs (originally created with BoxCryptor Classic in Windows) to a btsync Windows client. Btsync is not responding anymore after adding the encrypted folder. It is the same on 2 different notebooks with Windows 7 SP 1 64Bit and a VirtualBox-VM with Windows 7 32Bit.


    In the sync.log are, after adding the folder, only messages

    Incoming connection from ...

    visible. No more work on other folders, which are added before.


    On the linux-clients and the Android the problem does not occur with the same folder. On this clients the folder is mostly "out of sync", but sometimes files are transferred.


    Because I added some big other folders to the clients, I assume, it is normal, that btsync needs some time to sync all files. But it is also possible, that the folder cannot be synced properly also on linux and android-clients. At least, these clients don't hang and worked on the other folders.


    I already kill btsync on the windows-clients and delete the





    and start btsync empty. It works then with other folders, but when I add the encrypted folder, the same problem occurs.


    Has someone a solution for this? I need this encrypted folder on all clients. When btsync is not able to sync this folder, I have to search for another solution.


    Thanks in advance.