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  1. I have the same problem. Is there a way to see which version a peer when they are on the same identity?
  2. When I launch the Sync-app on my iPhone it takes FOREVER before it works. like a minute! The screen saver power down the screen before it has loaded. I've tried to remove the app and reinstall, but all that happened was that I had to buy Sync Pro to get the "new" phone to my devices. Still loading. What to do, what to do? I'm also having a hard time uploading a screen dump to this forum.. no attachment button..
  3. until there is a way to remotely disconnect a stolen device for good, this does not feel like a safe option to dropbox.
  4. I just found this wonderful piece of software, got excited, and… what are you guys thinking, the thought here is upside down. As a few others written here as well.. put the working in a process, and separate the settings. The settings can be a webpage or an app. However, there will always be people wanting to use tho differently. Some wants to run it as a server - it shouldn't matter who is /isn't logged in to the computer, and some wants it to be completely the opposite. This needs to be a setting. You might want to have this setting at install, or as a separate product to be able to make