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  1. Same problem here, totally useless, I find it hard to believe others are getting it to work. Simply doesn't sync (worked for 1 day, now nothing will make it sync again). PoS.
  2. I have a BTSync 1.4 folder on a server running 2.0 that I am syncing with a desktop client (Mac) with BTSync 2.0. It worked fine the first day, sync'ed all the files, and then I deleted them and they sync'ed the deletions. Now new files were added but nothing happens. Tried removing, re-adding, making changes, nothing happens.
  3. I'm having the same issues, it seems there's no way to configure a 2.0 style folder through the configuration, and I don't want to run it on the server with the user interface.
  4. I don't understand what you mean. The folder is empty, so what do I need to remove?
  5. I've upgraded both my server and my desktop to 2.0, recreated the secret (may not have been necessary), and connected. The folder next to the name shows a small "1.4" instead of a "2.0". Why, and what does it mean?