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  1. Does it require internet connection at all time? To contact the mother-ship ?
  2. I was trying to make use of v1.4 effectively and was expecting some improvement from v2.0 but I still don't get it. I didn't want to try v2.0 pro trial at-all as I did not want to be spoiled and spending / wasting time learning a version that's going to get crippled in an uncontrollable manner soon. Quick question : Beside the non-obvious under the hood bug fixes, is there any benefit to v1.4 free vs v2.0 free ? Being able to selectively sync files in a folder was a necessary feature for me to consider using the free version. Is that a pro feature ? (there is nothing "pro" about that)
  3. I just can't. Most ads in uTorrent are borderline virus / scam Bundling of adware and crypto currency mining software in uTorrent. Intentionally misleading install procedure, to trick people to install stuff they don't want. Promissing no downgrade from BTSYNC 1.4 to 2.0, While adding 10 folder limit. Sell software as a subscription. 40$ / year ... Haven't followed the case much, am I missing any ?
  4. Offering 25% rebate to users of version 1.4 while there is absolutely no way of knowing... is one more layer of scamish coating on that turd marketing. I don't want the 30 days trial,, I want to see right away if I can live with the feature of the free version before investing any time configuring it.
  5. It's almost impossible for now to know what it's worth since I've not been able to test the new features yet and last version still had bugs. I agree with a mid-tier at 20 folder and 29.95$ seems like a good price for single users, with bulk price at 99$ for four licences.
  6. Timeline of event On same network Take a few pictures on phone Launch btsync android app Tap camera backup The app say 1 device connected, "Sending 15.1 mb" It IS JUST NOT SENDING ANYTHING ! Sorry for the rage !!! ,,, I've had this problem for a while and tried almost everything.