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  1. Piotrnik, Thank you for the reply. i tried your suggestion and it worked. Everything is syncing fine now.
  2. Thank you for the response. I have tried your suggestion. I disconnect all instances. I then create a new secret using the same directory with a read only key. When I add the key to the two other instances, it goes into an infinite "out of sync" / "Sending" / "receiving" loop.
  3. I have my pictures on my computer that I sync to two different locations for backup purposes. When I set it up I did it with a Read/Write key which I used in the two other backup locations. I want to change it so they are read only as I will only be updating the original location. I am using the latest version of Sync. I tried to use the update key feature. When I do, and try to enter the new RO key, it tells me I need a R/W key. draugr