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  1. The lack of any answer frightens me a bit. Does that mean that there is no such option?
  2. Title says it all: how can I remove entries from my Sync history and/or delete the whole history (v1.4 and v2)?
  3. I have been using BTSync for quite a while and when I found the announcement of Sync Pro in my mailbox I thought, 'why not pay for a product you have been happily using for so long?'. Then the first shell hit home. They really went for a yearly subscription model?! For no less than $40?! Really?! Heading to the homepage to find a comparison chart. 'Unlimited number of folders' for Pro only?! A sinking feeling sets in. Off to the forum to see what others have to say. The free version is limited to 10 sync folders?!? Please say it ain't so... Currently I feel I should have followed my gut feeling when v2 was announced. That was one of the few times I spent time on the forum gathering information on the current state of things. Back then I came to the conclusion that all is well since full functionality was promised to be kept for the free version also. Guess you shouldn't believe what it says on the internet... I am not opposed to paying for BTSync. On the contrary. I would have paid for Pro even if I don't need the additional functionality just to support the project. As a private user a one time payment of $10, $20 or $30 I would have paid without batting an eye. More than that would have given me pause for consideration but I might still have gone for Pro. I also would have no qualms paying twice, once for a desktop and once for a mobile app. But I won't even consider paying for a yearly subscription for reasons mentioned by others like tjluoma. Having various shared folders, some with single users some with groups, the 10 folder limit breaks the app for me. I will stick to 1.4 and actively start looking into other options. My thanks to those suggesting SyncThing which looks like an interesting alternative. In my circle of friends and family I am the one on watch out for new software and services that I and others might find useful. Even the not so tech savvy I take by the hand and help them with installation and first steps. A considerable number of people installed BTSync due to my recommendation. While there is still a chance that the current situation may be rectified I don't have my hopes up. As of today I will caution if not actively discourage people from using BTSync. I regret not being more cautious when I first heard about BTSync going Pro.
  4. Answer to question 1: You have to enable 'Peers' under 'Preferences..' > 'Show columns' Still looking for an answer on how to revoke access rights for a specific device from a shared folder.
  5. Actually, what I meant to ask with the 2nd question was how to revoke access rights for a specific device from a shared folder.
  6. If I recall correctly it used to be possible to see which devices are linked to a shared folder. How can I access this info in version 1.4 (OS X)? It's probably right in front of my eyes but I am missing it somehow... And how can I expire a specific secret? Thank you!