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  1. OK, solved the issue with reset the permission for users and groups. -> Nevertheless it's strange why this occors. The thing with (very) low transfer speed, was solved by selecting "Search DHT Network" The indexing seems not working proberly. There are 110GB to be indexing... btsync says "indexing" but does nothing. A reboot of the source DS1010 worked (for now). I will reply when this occurs again. @Flow: I don't have an icon, too.
  2. Hello. I'm testing the x86 package on two DS1010+ (both DSM 5.1-5021 Update 2). My Szenario is to copy all from one to the other NAS. Later I will synchronize dedicated folders over internet. Install and config works. One file folder works good. One drive (560GB) results in about 460GB copied... Over windows folder access I could read the files/ folders but have no write permissions (except for root folder)... that could be the reason, why not more data are copied. The user have r/w permission on this drive. btsync tries to send data with xxx Bit/s (instead of 15 MB/s)... Anyone have thi