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  1. Thank you RomanZ, maybe I'll try writing a script by myself to solve it, rather than waiting for bittorrentsync. Anyway, your software is quite useful for some other scenarios, thank you for the restless working effort!
  2. I tried this, but I later found that I cannot preserve the folder strutures - which is needed. For example: .sync\archive\Settings\module 1\a.40.cfg .sync\archive\Settings\module 2\b.25.cfg .sync\archive\Settings\module 2\fuction 2\c.30.cfg If I chose them via everything(an advanced NTFS file searcher which supported regular expression), I don't know how to keep the relative path intact, so my program can work... : (
  3. My situation: I have a folder in sync, which contains about 8000~files. Most of the setting files inside it are corrupted due to an unfortunate crash. Thanks to bittorrent sync, I have older version of files inside the archive folder which can be used as backup. I know that I can pick up all the 8000~ files before certain date, as they are not corrupted. But itseems that It's impossible to choose them manually - neither bittorrent sync provided version control nor I can write a script to do it. So, if I backed the whole archive folder, will bittorrent sync someday start to provide revert functions(version control/date), and thus I'm able to do the revert things ? Thank you!