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  1. When adding a new device (using my license key), two things happen often: 1. suddenly folders on existing devices are empty, and only the folders will sync 2. sometimes new folders are created with the same name as the old folders, e.g. Documents(1), Documents(2), Pictures(1), Pictures(2) etc. So some files are deleted, and other files/folders are multiplied. What am I doing wrong? Now I make backups of all my documents all the time, because I cannot rely 100% on Bittorrent Sync. Windows8.1, SyncPro personal.
  2. So I paid for Sync 2.0 Pro, and I received an e-mail with a link which leads me to this site and message: What to do next?
  3. +1 I have the same issue, on different machines, and my settings are: - relay server off- server tracker on- set all lan decrypt off- set all my devices to static IP and added predefined hosts to all- increase the max buffers to 99999- set disk priority low to 'false' The speed is approx 2-3 Mb per second. One evening the speed was 25 Mb per second, but the next morning it was all slow again. My internet speed is approx 150Mbps, I download with 11 Mb per second. Do you have any more tips how to increase the sync speed?