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  1. Ok, I finally got around to testing BitTorrent Sync. First of all, I upgraded to version 1.4.103-9 via SynoCommunity in the Package Center and it took care of the missing icon. I then installed BitTorrent Sync on my phone and tablet, it didn't sync at first. I was getting an error that I had no permission to write to the folder(s) on my DS214Play. To fix this, go to Control Panel > Group > users > Permissions (tab) and check mark Read/Write access on your chosen shared folder(s). I have yet to sync with my PC and Laptop. If any issues arise, I will be back posting.
  2. Hi, I've just recently come across BitTorrent Sync, so I'm new to this program altogether. I've also traded in my DIY NAS for a Synology DS214Play and I have been looking for a good syncing program that would run on it. In any case, I've just installed the "bittorrentsync_evansport_1.4.103-1.spk" package and when I enter the Main Menu on my DiskStation, there is no icon for BitTorrent Sync. The text is there, but no icon. I have yet to sync my folders and give this program a run. Is there anything I should look for in particular or just submit anything that doesn't seem to work properly?