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  1. No NAS drive involved here. Two production PC and a Mac. Latest version of Btsync by the way. In my case as I said this happened a few times by modifying a large file, with several seconds of writing time. But if this is systematic with newly rendered files by After Effects, it pretty much never happens with same type of files (video file created/writed during several minutes) rendered by Blender for example... This is really problematic to work with... Edit : I confirm that it totally happens with small files too (ex. creating an image sequence), with a probability of approx. 1 on 30.
  2. Hi, Since we use Btsync on production we have noticed a random bug, quite rare at the begining (a few times a week) but now systematic for a specific workflow. When syncing newly created or saved files, some of them are randomly wiped out and replaced by a 0 bytes version and the real file is moved to .sync/Archive. The other nodes then replicate the empty files, and sometimes keep the neighbor .!sync. If the owner try to replace the empty file by the archive one, the file is quickly moved again to the archives. To get rid of them, every node have first to delete the empty files. This may be related to large files with long writing times, but it happened exceptionally just by moving files of a few MB. It happened time to time when saving PSD files of 50-100 MB, but it is now systematic when rendering video files (ex. when rendering eight videos trough After Effects, approximately two will be emptied). Is it a known issue ? Is there any way to get rid of it ? Thanks. PS : The production is ~100GB distributed to 3 (distant) PC and a Mac, constantly evolving (~300 files or ~10GB a day).