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  1. UP... Selective sync based on the presence of a file in the root directory would be very cool !!! making the file name configurable per shared folder would be "cooler" ( maybe using regexp) Use cases: - Let's say I use keepassx to store secrets and I'd like to share the .kdb between my computers. with the requested feature implemented, as soon as I open the .kdb file, btsync would stop synching the folder - Dito for sharing a lightroom catalog between computers... as soon as the .lock file is created by lightroom when opening the catalog, the sync would pause and resume when Lightroom closes the catalog.
  2. +1 for selective pause
  3. Hello, I'm currently using btsync to sync my lightroom catalog between my machines. It works very well BUT I NEED to pause synching before starting lightroom else my catalog is at "corruption" risk ! I'd like to automate: - pause sync of lightroom catalog software - start lightroom - as soon as lightroom is finished, unpause sync Is there a way to script that ? for me, the easiest would be a .sync-paused file in the synched folder - touch .sync-paused - start lightroom - rm .sync-paused ... Thanks in advance.. Etienne PS: I couldn't register on the forum with my private address ( .info domain) I had to use my work email address...