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  1. On a 900MB file via FTP it takes 4 minutes, through BTSync it takes 5. Per 10GB it's over a 10 minute difference using BTSync. I'd be happy to test an experimental build.
  2. I'm not uploading anything and no process is either: @RomanZ it tops out at 3.63MB/s and 3.6MB/s is the average. Here is a video of a 200MB test file: (You will need to select 1080p/720p and go fullscreen as it's cropped)The connection between my dedicated server and home is solid from start to finish over FTP. Using BTSync it's a never-ending wall of sawtooths.
  3. I can't edit my post again, here is a couple more pictures showing how bad it is.
  4. Any further updates on this? Having the same problem syncing files between a remote server running Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS and Windows 7. BTSync: BTSync Vs FTP: