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  1. So I was thinking, as I flash my phone a lot, you guys could implement the new Marshmallow feature where Google syncs up to like 20 or 50MB of app data to their servers and store the folder keys there so when I install the app again it loads all my previous folders. Could be very convenient. Don't know about the security of that though... Encrypt it somehow with the device's IMEI? Or maybe check the device's IMEI and load previous folders found on the Sync servers. Just a thought, would be really convenient.
  2. When I'm at school, I occasionally want to go ahead and download a file from one of my BitTorrent Sync folders, but since they don't allow you to install any programs (and I definitely would not want all my data on their computers), I used Wamp and Pydio to create a web interface, that I just have to type my IP and a set password to login to all my files. The problem is though, Pydio gets laggy, and occasionally deletes all my files (luckily they are stored in /.sync on the other computers!), so I have to restore them. What I would like is a way to remotely access my files on a non-Sync installed system, like at school, or the library. Maybe you could build a simple web interface to download specific files and allow us to type our personal IP's and just have us port forward to the computer. Or maybe give us a custom URL to download specific files on our Sync, with a password of course.
  3. Same problem here after 3 days, I am now trying to recreate the folder in BTS and relinking the devices now. I'll update my post on what's happening once everything is indexed. EDIT: After deleting the folder on both devices and adding it back again, it seems to sync fully now. Hopefully I won't have any more problems!
  4. Sorry, but I still don't know why Sync would delete an entire folder just because you removed it from the program. The only thing I can think of is just to try a recovery software, but since you don't want to use it... That would be the only option, I think, but maybe an actual staff member could come in and help here. Here are 18 free data recovery programs:
  5. So right now I have two Windows 7 64bit peers setup in my house. Both running BitTorrent Sync 2.0.85 on a folder that is supposed to be 216 GB. Or at least, one peer has a folder that is 216 GB and the other is only 200 GB. Under the status for both peers, it is completely blank and both say "Peers online: 1 of 1". Under the peer list, one says, "11,642 files to..." and the other 15,432. Both are owner rank. Here are the log files for both below. Any way to force sync between them? I restarted both but still no luck. Thanks! Machine 1: Machine 2: Thank you so much if you can help me!
  6. By "map", do you mean synced folder inside BTSync? If so, and if you removed/disconnected the folder from syncing inside the UI, nothing should have been deleted from the original folder with all your files in it, unless you are running the latest version of the public Sync 2.0 and checked "Delete synced files" while removing from BTS. But just to be sure, you've turned on 'show hidden files/folders' and looked in the /.sync/Archive folder? If nothing's in there or the recycle bin, you could try one of the many free file recovery programs out there, depending on what system you are running. That is if another file hasn't already written over them. Hope I helped. However, if you mean you deleted some files from one peer accidentally but want them back, check the Archive folder on the OTHER peers, see if that works. Or if I didn't understand your question at all, please define a "map" in this instance.
  7. This really isn't a question or bug complaint, but a suggestion for the official Sync 2.0 release. What I think would be really great is to click on the Sync icon in the task bar and have a kind of popup dashboard come up that displays how many files it has synced, when it will finished (estimate), ect. What I'm talking about is something like the desktop app, here's some screenshots: And one last suggestion is kind of an account based sharing system, instead of sharing large keys to your peers. None of their files would be sent to an external server, but once the user downloads the desktop program, they can login and select which shared the other computers with the same account are using, so no copy and pasting long keys. Again, these are both suggestions, so don't hate if you may not like anything, I do think the last suggestion might be harder to implement, so if all the devs do is consider my first popup dashboard suggestion, I'd be happy. What do you think?