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  1. That is a good point. This did not (aq32 description 2 above is very good) happen in the previous build. For me that was 1.3.77. I may go back as I still have the installation file. So some thing changed between then and now.
  2. OK RomanZ. I don't know if this will help you out. I am fairly sure that when my folder with the database that went corupt happened when I move my Mozilla profiles into that folder. Most likely the e-mail Thunderbird as it was a lot to index and well e-mail files are chaning all the time. Bittorent sync was I am fairly sure the cause of empty folders popping up in my pop mail accounts popstate-dat(1) and can be a number. Also empty folders like nstmp.sync! I created two copies of the same proflle one outside of the sync folder and one inside the sync folder. The one outside produces no empty
  3. Yes I understand that usually "No peers online" means no peers online or some sort of communication issue. I don't think that that is the reason this thread was started or the reason for at least a few of us having this problem.It seems to me that there are some knowledgeable people that are having the problem and they can rule out a connectivity problem. In my case, the peer to peer is computer to computer hardwired. As I have already said, I have other snyc folders that are syncing to the same peer computer and are not having trouble. It was only one sync folder that was not syncing and sa
  4. Yes, that is a better way. Future releases could have a button that you press to rebuild database or reindex and/or even fancier if the program notices that there is no peer online for a certain period of time it rebuilds the database itself.
  5. Ok so I corrected my Thunderbird popstate multipling clearing both sides of the sync folder. I don't think it is the probelm of "no peers online" though it could have initially caused the problem by corrupting the BitTorrent Sync database. The no peers online seems to me to be connected to a corrupt datsbase for that folder. You can follow my instructions in the prior post. It doesn't really matter if you rename them old and delete them latter but it is safer. BitTorrent Sync will rebuild any of the database for sync folders by reindexing them so even if you delete another BitTorre
  6. This may help. I got the no peers online with one of my large sync folders even though I had other sync folders that synced to the same peer and were working fine. I got it working again. First exit BitTorrent Snyc (right click tray icon, click exit in the menu) then go to C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\BitTorrent Sync and you will see database files with long string of numbers and letters followed by .db. There are two per sync and the files have the same string name. It is hard to pick out which folder they are related to but in my case I picked the one with the largest file size