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  1. Hi Helen, If I understand you correctly, issuing a get_secrets call without specifying a secret will cause the software to generate a set of keys? So I could essentially start by running a get_secrets call, and the parse the keys given onto a add_folder command? Best regards, Anders
  2. Hi Helen, My call looks exactly like this (have only changed servername, port and data path for public posting):\\folderpath\\data&force=1It doesn't matter whether the folder pre-exists on disk or not, it still fails. If I input a key to an existing folder (one that is created on another machine) and append that key to the command with &secret= it creates the folder on that machine, again without regard to whether the folder pre-exists on disk (if not, it is created when I run the command) EDIT: saw I left out the erro
  3. For those not well versed in the hex to decimal conversion, for 1.4.111 the value should read 0104006f
  4. Hi Helen, Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it didn't resolve the issue. Testing a bit reveals that the command works if I enter a key that is already in use. Best regards, Anders
  5. I haven't looked into that, since the filesystem isn't something I work with on the Windows phones, sorry...
  6. You can add 1.4 folders to that software as well, I've done that on my phone...
  7. Hi, I think we're talking about different things here I've enabled the API using the config file, as shown in the very first post of this thread. I can issue different get commands (like get_folder) succesfully, so that shouldn't be an issue. The problem is issuing an add_folder command that fails. Regards, Anders
  8. Hi, As I interpret the add_folder method from the api documentation, this isn't needed, but from your question it would seem that it is? The add_folder documentation states: http://[address]:[port]/api?method=add_folder&dir=(folderPath)[&secret=(secret)&selective_sync=1]I dont see where to put in the API key? Best regards, Anders
  9. The documentation states that "Sync API does not support 2.0 folders and one can only operate with classic 1.4 key-based folders" Is this feature planned? Best regards, Anders
  10. As for my original question, specifying the function I wanted to call solved it. I however, have a different issue now... When calling the add_folder method, I get an error stating: { "error": 205, "message": "SE_SM_NO_IDENTITY" } - power-googling hasn't helped me in identifying the cause of this... The http call I make look like this:\folderpath\data&force=1Should state that I use the 2.0 client... Best regards, Anders
  11. Great, thanks... Are all these options documented somewhere? Best regards, Anders
  12. Hi, I'll do that. Another question that I can't seem to find an answer to, is if it's possible to set the listening port for syncing folders (not the WebUI) in the config file or do I have to do this using the Set Preferences method? Best regards, Anders
  13. Hi, Trying to set up the webui in btsync for testing, and have created the config file (shown below). Whenever I try to open the webui, I get an "invalid request". Have seen on other threads to clear my browser cache (including cookies) as they might interfer, but no luck there. { // path to folder where Sync will store its internal data, // folder must exist on disk "storage_path" : "c:/Users/", // run Sync in GUI-less mode "use_gui" : false, "webui" : { // IP address and port to access HTTP API "listen" : "", // login and pass
  14. I gave it a try with re-connecting the folder, didn't fix the issue... So I'm gonna drop some logs from the clients in question...