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  1. Excuse me, but this has got to be one of the silliest comments I've seen on this thread. It's YOUR data, going direct from YOUR machine to one or more other machines, using YOUR paid broadband to someone else's paid broadband. Your data does not go to or through servers run by BTS.
  2. I've reverted to 1.4.110 but there's a problem sending email shares. When a sharer who hasn't got BTS clicks to install it, it downloads version 2.0. Is there a fix or a workaround to download 1.4.110 instead?
  3. Bugs fixed, improved interface, selective syncing - $40 for ownership and extra for major upgrades. Present state by subscription payment - not interested and won't recommend it. Can't put it simpler than that.
  4. When I first discovered BTSync I was bowled over and wowed by its simplicity and ease of use. Version I was an excellent product, with good security and flexibility. Then along comes 2.0 - and with it, a tale of woe and growing disillusionment. To get the shares I needed it was necessary to rig up new devices when I only needed one, just to stop the promiscuous syncing between every folder in site. I eventually gave up because the time and fiddling outweighed the functionality. On the licencing issue, the company has taken a nose-dive into shallow water. Subscription models are not popular with any of my colleagues, friends or contacts - nor with the majority of contributors to this forum. I want to buy a product and upgrade it when needed. For good, fair and successful software licence models you have to look no further than the excellent JRiver Media Center, or my favourite backup system, R-Drive Image. Both of these I've happily upgraded through several major version changes. They've got a happy customer and a regular cash flow from me. I no longer have a syncing feeling - I have a sinking feeling.
  5. I had the same problem. My solution is to make each machine an independent device, then create manual links between those devices that I want to link and sync. I hope the developers can come up with a more elegant solution, as I'm sure many users will want to have the benefits of a mesh network with an option to link some devices but exclude others.