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  1. OK I can send you those, it will take a little while as I just wiped my raspberry pi to start fresh for unrelated reasons. Once I get things configured back to where I am performing these actions I will generate logs and send them.
  2. With the setup in question there are actually 3 machines sync'd to the folder: -Linux Mint 17.1 -Windows 8.1 -Raspbmc Using filebot on the mint OS to update the files on the raspbmc. Any way I can do this without having it be redownloaded then?
  3. Is there any way for BTsync to simply recognize the file has just been renamed, and simply rename the file on all instances rather than deleting it and re-downloading? I am trying to use BTsync as a tool to help keep my media organized. On one device I have the media stored in a sync'd folder. On another of my computers with the same sync'd folder I run filebot to parse through and rename things, edit the metadata, clean it all up. The problem is, if I do this for a given folder then rather than simply updating those tiny bytes of information regarding name and metadata, sync re-syncs the entire 12gb folder. Any way around this?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Are the known issues related to writing changes back to the original share? If so I wonder if only sharing these files as read only would work well.
  5. Could we perhaps sticky a list of NAS hardware that people have successfully run btsync on, with description of the out of the box ease for the setup? I, like I imagine many others, am looking into purchasing a NAS device now specifically because I see so much potential with NAS + btsync, and it would be nice to know which NAS hardware plays "nicest" for straightforward setup. Cheers!
  6. I have a library of files I keep organized by maintaining naming conventions and file structure. I would like to be able to pick and choose which of these files I will share with my "Friends" folder. It would be ideal if I did not have to duplicate these files by simply copying them from their home location to my synced folder location. Has anyone come up with a solution for this, or have any thoughts about my idea for symlinking the desired files to share into the btsync folder? Thanks!