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  1. I had BTsync running on my Zyxel NSA 325v2, but with the newer versions the WebGUI stopped working (however, it continued to sync) and with 2.3.3 it doesn't even start any more. I use Linux (ARM) Version: it says: assert failed /opt/sync/btlog.cpp:298 (33751043) What could be the Problem? I think that 2.1 versions used to work correctly, where can I download them? Would be nice to have a "old Releases download page".
  2. I cannot open the WebGUI for the Netgear ReadyNAS in Internet Explorer 11. It loads forever and does not do anything.
  3. Hello, I extracted the netgear package to install it on a zyxel nsa325-v2 and everything works fine with Chrome and Firefox, but I cannot log in to the web-Interface on Internet Explorer. This would not be a Problem on the PC, but I have a Windows Phone and there is only the Internet Explorer available so I am not able to open the web-Interface from my mobile phone. Please help! Regards