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  1. Hi There I am looking at using BTSync again after a while and it is serving my needs a lot more than it did a while ago. I look forward to the 2.0 version and may just purchase the pro version if the features are worth it. A few features I would love to see and would like to suggest. 1. Custom naming the "Jobs" in BTSync. I have more than one folder with the same name but in different root folders, like "Documents" for different users, so they are different folders but it is difficult to tell them apart in the Sync interface. 2. Relocating the ".sync" folder in a central BTSync folder outside of the actual folder being synchronised. Possibly in a index folder in the BTSync install directory. This keeps it out of the way for other file management programs. 3. Filtering of files and sub-folders. This can be a manual selection, based on size, name mask, etc ... This will prevent me having to create several Sync "Jobs" all in the same root folder just to exclude one folder I don't want to sync, but also do not want to move. I really look forward to the launch of Sync 2.0 Thanks