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  1. Hi. I might be, but during the 2-3 years I have been using resilio I have several times unplugged the power to the computer. The result have not been creation of a new identity. How and when is a new identity created? Is it possible to revert back to the identity existing in my library/application support/resilio-folder?
  2. Hi. My Resilio Pro keeps asking for a new identity upon some of restarts of the program. 1. This startet after migrating to 2.4 2. I have 3 OSX (10.11 and 10.12) nodes witch is connected on one seat - all of the have during the last three weeks asked for a new identity upon restart of the program. 3. The original identity is keep in the application support folder. When i create a new identity the program makes a new folder with identeties. 4. I have not been able to recreate to specific situations where the this happens. Sometimes it uses the same identity. Sometimes not. I have added my and a sync.log. In the sync.log it shows non funcional shutdown and startup at 9.41