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  1. this is the single most annoying bug with resilio - and I use it since the btsync days and across 8 devices and 4 OSs...
  2. Same here! is there anything I can do to help? I run sync in a local WLan with clients on Windows 8.1, MacOS und Android. Since I got the beta from you MacOS & Windows are OK, but Android isn't...
  3. Like I said, I run three Clients: Win 8.1pro, MacOSX and Android. I upgraded the first two with the experimental build. Works right away! first time in a couple of days where everything connects like it should. I'll report back if i run into problems, but for now it looks cool to me. Thanks!
  4. I have this problem too. I run three peers in my Wlan: Windows 8.1 pro, Mac OS X and Android. @RomanZ: please post a link to an explanation on how to switch on the logging and where to send what files. Thanks.