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  1. It seems, that downgrading glibc to 2.23-1 is a temporary workaround. We continue working on finding the problem with glibc.
  2. Unfortunately, our investigation came to the fact that OpenELEC use its own build system and the toolchain. So, we are very sorry, but OpenELEC is unsupported since 2.3.
  3. Sync 2.3 is building with the new toolchain, it seems OpenELEC has some troubles with it. It is the official toolchain from Debian. On Raspbian, for example, Sync works well. We are going to contact OpenELEC's support.
  4. @spi, we managed to reproduce this issue and currently investigating it.
  5. Unfortunately, experimental build still not working on 4th version of firmware. Thank you all for testing it, currently we continue investigating this problem.
  6. @igorkas, @aleksr, @dimazigel We created support cases for you, check your e-mail, please.
  7. We created an experimental build for WD My Cloud with the 4th firmware version. If you would like to test it, please, feel free to write here in the topic or via PM directly to me.
  8. @sb1245 Unfortunately, there is no workaround now, because it depends not only on registry. Please, wait for update and sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. @sb1245 We know about this problem and have already fixed it. Unfortunately, the implementation is not included in the 2.2.0 build. So, one of the next updates will contain the fix.
  10. Please, set maximum size for core dump before collecting it. Run in terminal: ulimit -c unlimited
  11. @yottabit Yes, debug logs and sample of BitTorrent Sync process (if you work on Mac) or dump of process (if you work on Windows) would be very helpful. You can attach, as @RomanZ said, here. Just note in the message subject that it is for @AlexanderD.
  12. @grizu, @KawateTadako, @cyberto could you please send me sample of BitTorrent Sync process as a private message?
  13. Logs from both Mac and Linux peers would be appreciated. Thank you!
  14. @bisente Could you, please, try to reproduce the problem and send us a .log file? Since records from log appear in .sync/ID file, .log file will be very useful. You can find out here where .log file is located:
  15. ratavaz, We've created a support ticket (#25017) for you. Let's proceed there. Best regards, Sync support team.
  16. @tantra Yes, could you please send us a wireshark trace? Could you please describe more how Sync behaves? Does it either crash or freeze? Did you try sync something?
  17. @tantra Cold you please send us logs?