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  1. As an update, after about an hour of waiting I noted that a file I downloaded on the android device did in fact get synced to the computer. If anyone can provide direction on why sync would take so long I would appreciate it. This is part of a larger strategy of moving from android to iOS and having some cloud functionality without relying completely on google or dropbox etc.
  2. First post please understand this. Hello all. I need a bit of help: Here is my scenario: 1. On my computer I create a folder called "research" and add it to Sync and copy the r/w key.2. On my Android, I copy r/w key to Sync and select a source folder (we'll call this folder "research").3. On my Android, I now expect to download file "A" to the folder "research".4. On my computer (assuming appropriate data connectivity) I should see file "A" (originally downloaded from android) in the folder "research". At present, this doesn’t happen. What does occur is this? If I manually add a file