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  1. I have installed Sync 2.0 now on two NAS's, one is a Synology, the other is a QNAP. I would now like to start setting up the folders I would like to sync from one NAS to the other, but I am not getting it. Things are quite different now than in 1.4. I need to Link the Devices (which is not working) and I am being asked for a default folder. I just don't get the logic any more. Is there a step by step tutorial available to take me through this? Things are just not as simple and intuitive as they used to be. I have spent a day on this now and it is becoming quite frustrating. Everything wo
  2. I have exactly the same problem on my QNAP TS119. It just does not connect.
  3. I also have this issue too between two NAS devices Two folders sync perfect fine One folder gives the message "Out of Sync" and "No peers online" Is there any solution in the works? Can I also please receive the link to the experimental build? Many thanks.