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  1. Hi, I'm agree with this feature request. Please add symbolic link support.
  2. Thank you. Yes I have seen that, I'm using only Windows OS so I use \ délimiter. And I have restarted my computer several times so I think it's OK. All excepted folders are ignored except this one. There is also an other thing : folder is synced but only folders are synced, not files, so exception seems to be half OK...
  3. No it doesn't start with a dot, the folder name is "Windows.old". And I don't want to sync this folder so I have added it to IgnoreList but BTSync sync even so
  4. Helen, I would like to sync the folder that contain "RO folder already sync with BTSync" with an other peer, so I'll have 2 copies of each RO folder, one on computer 1, one on computer 2. Is it better to sync RO folder with computer 1 and computer 2 or sync RO folder with computer 1 and sync global folder with computer 2 ? Thank you.
  5. Thank you but I don't found an answer about folder with a dot inside the name
  6. Hi, I have an issue with IgnoreList and a folder with a dot inside the name. I think BTSync takes the exception like a file because there is a dot so is it possible to ignore folder with a dot (exemple ? \ doesn't work. Thank you.
  7. Ok thank you A last question : is it possible to sync with other peers a folder that contains RO already sync folders ? Example : BTSync Computer 1 (RW or RO sync) <-> BTSync Computer 2 (RW or RO sync) | |- Folder 1 (RO sync) |- Folder 2 (RO sync )
  8. Thank you Helen ! 1) "Overwrite changed files" is not to update modified files on RO to RW ? It's used to download again modified files from RW to RO ? 2) No problem, files will be the same
  9. Hi, I have 2 questions about Read Only share : - If I delete a folder/file on Destination, does it will be transfered again from Source to Destination if it allways exists on Source ? - Is it possible to pre-populate Destination folder with Source files or is it necessary to do initial transfer with BTSync ? Thank you. Regards.
  10. Ok thank you, I'll try to find an other way
  11. Ok, so for C:\ root I want to share only 1 or 2 folders, not Windows or others System folders. Same idea for D:\ root. Thank you for idea with .SyncIgnore, I'm going to search more informations. Just 2 littles questions : is it supported with 1.4 and 2.0 version ? And are subfolders ignored if the parent folder is ignored ?
  12. Thank you Moe, you're a pro If Pro version was not so expensive, I'll buy it but 35 $ / year / user is too expensive for my usage.
  13. Hi, I would like to share a folder but this folder contains symbolic link to several others folders. Does BTSync 1.4 and 2.0 supports symbolic link ? And what is the best way to create a supported symlink ? Thank you.
  14. Thank you, so I'll use BTSync or I'll try to find an other solution to reduce folders number.
  15. Thank you Moe one more time I'm going to search how can I do to have 1 share with 10 folders. I've tried symbolic link but BTSync seems to not accept it, do you have an idea ? I would like to sync profile Windows folders (My Music, My Documents, My Pictures...) and others folders on C:\ and D:\ root so I can't move them into one folder. Thank you !