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  1. yes, just wanted to post...... this worked for me: - completely uninstalling the bt sync on win and mac device - deleting the .sync folders ( "Tinkertool" did a good job to make hidden files visible on mac) - installing new versions of bt sync - now it recognized the differences and started syncing tried that on windows only before, but didnt work, the problem were the hidden .sync folder on the mac.... thank u guys +djmatteo for help and participation..!
  2. thank you for reply. "sync all" is on on both devices
  3. i switched to latest version 2.085........ but stilll...... it says: synced but there is a difference of hundreds of files and subfolders...
  4. good(?) to hear, that others have same problem..... found out, that when i add files on the (master) device, which sent the share, it works when i add files on the (client) device, which received the share, it doesnt.... the share is read/write... changing it to owner doesnt make a difference...
  5. I added a subfolder with photos on my macbook some hours ago..... and it simply doesnt sync to my win pc! (btsync 2.0.52 on both machines...) peers connected, indexing every some minutes, but nothing happens... where to start? thanks
  6. Hi! Devices: 1. Notebook Win7, BT Sync 2.0.52 Master r/w 2. Macbook Air, BT Sync 2.0.52 r/w Following happend: 1. I added a medium sized folder with photos at the Macbook 2. After some time sync started 3. while sync running, i made subfolders and sorted/moved the photos into them 4. Since then the folders are not synced, showing "0% - a few seconds" at progress (for 2 days now) (there are many .bts files left now at device 1) nothing happens any more.... of course, i can clean folders on both devices, and can add files after ordering them before at another place, but is it not possible to work within folders without mixing sync up?