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  1. OwnCloud 7.0 now does server to server sync, and is open-source. As well as providing a web gui. I have combined it with btsync and love it, but will drift away from a subscription model. Plex already suckered me for my one lifetime subscription I will ever buy. Sell the software, rent the service. Sell me the program, rent me off site. Done and done
  2. http://forum.osmc.tv/showthread.php?tid=16985
  3. Yes I have it working in Crystalbuntu, been busy toying with it lately but a tutorial is on my radar. Initial tests show about 60% throughput with default settings, which I am happy with. I would get occasional speed drops with XBMC running in the background, sudo stopping XBMC gave me pretty rock solid performance. Steady 5.5 MBps download of a 3 GB file over wifi and 7.5-7.8 MBps over Ethernet. Downloaded from iPad over wifi, which will be my main use scenario. CPU usage spikes to about 75% and then settles into a steady ~53% usage. Memory goes upwards of 15% usage during syncing, so really