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  1. They trying to tell me I'm going to wear out MY hardware ? or piss off MY ISP ?
  2. So the 10 folder limit is just to force you to go pro if you need to use your own hardware with more of your own folders? REALLY ??? PAIN
  3. How exactly does more folders effect BTsync's hardware/tracker server or whatever ?
  4. If you are backing up your phones witch would be at least 2 folders per phone (system/pictures) and if your family has 5 phones thats 10 folders on the pc or server (NAS) your backing up to....
  5. Yes when I noticed my sync icon was not in the notification bar on my phone i opened the app and saw this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1uO98-Dt7klXzFkLXl1bEJHVFE/view?usp=sharing Each phone/tablet has 2 backup folders (pics/system) and a shared dropbox type folder...
  6. Did you look at the reviews in google play ? I have 7 android devices (family phones/tablets) synced and now im screwed. Im using 1.4 on 5 PC's (family laptops/desktops) and 1 Server. The android app only works with 2.0 and self updated so now im forced to go to 2.0 as all my android devices are not syncing and just asking me to sign in... all links are gone in all devices... I have 26 shared folders... What would you suggest i do ?
  7. "a lot of syncing activity" !!! That is on my hardware ... my electric bill ... my bandwidth ...
  8. If you are not using the webUI, In advanced settings you can define a log file size in MB...
  9. Maybe you should check the logs on your tower ... you could get the ip of where your laptop is now and give it to the cops.
  10. Ahh it just add debug info to that file when you enable ?
  11. Hello. I recently upgraded my home server from just a stripped down win 7 to server 2012 r2 standard ,,, i saved all the keys from BTsync and backed up all data and on the new machine created a pool with volumes etc. after re-installing BTsync and adding keys things dident go so good so I uninstalled and removed all BTsync files/folders etc... Installed 1.4.110 on all PC's and server with all new keys. This time I added folders slowly and let them index and was going good for the first few small ones. Now there's not much happening and some of the files i changed on the folders that I let sync are just sitting there (all night) without being updated... This is happening on LAN and Remote PC's The debug log is not producing anything except FFFF Could this be a ReFS file system thing ??? Also if i hover over the out of sync it says the my server is offline but under peers it is connected...
  12. yes the server would host the folders ... you will need a copy of the folder on each account on your PC's ... make all read and write ... server must be on 24/7 or when someone would be on any PC. When you get home power up your laptop and it will sync with the server ... TIP: turn off lan_encrypt_data