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  1. Hi, everything seemed to work fine, i was using BT Sync 1.4 with OS X El Capitan (10.11) - unfortunately I got invited to share a link which would only work with 2.0. I installed 2.0 and now nothing starts. There is a Bittorrent Sync process running (but idle), no window will open. Even after deleting the ~/Library/Application Support/Bittorrent Sync/ folder and reinstalling the application: nothing. Help?
  2. Hi there. Following setup: - Macbook Pro with external USB 3.0 Hard drive - Cubox-I Freescale imx6 dualcore processor linux box running a debian version - Cubox-I is connected via 100mbit ethernet - Macbook pro is connected via 144 Mbit/s Wifi. - Both machines are on the same network - CPU load is not abnormal so that can't be the problem - I get a maximum af 160kbps when syncing. Mostly only around 60kbps Any ideas how to speed this up?