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  1. Hi, I have the issue that is similar to topic starter in 1.4.103, could you help me please. I have 2 nodes (linux and windows), located in different cities. Both have btsync 1.4.103. I send 4-5 Mb files from linux machine to windows. In logs(linux) I have following line [20150201 12:45:55.807] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Found peer 100...A5 92.37.xx.xx:59365 direct:1 transport:1 version: 1.4.103, where IP corresponds to windows machine. Also I see a lot of following snippets:[20150201 12:54:34.020] SF[EA5D]: UpdatePeersStat[20150201 12:54:34.021] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: up:10940972432 down:0[20150201 12:54:34.021] ScheduledTask:UpdatePeersStat invoked:timer reason:UpdatePeerFileInfo[20150201 12:54:35.339] Incoming connection from 92.37.xx.xx:59365[20150201 12:54:35.339] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Received request "state_notify"[20150201 12:54:35.339] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Got state notify - tree:77xxx1E pieces:3Dxxx90[20150201 12:54:36.079] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Going to sync state with peer 92.37.xx.xx:59365[20150201 12:54:36.079] ScheduledTask:SyncState invoked:timer reason:OnReceivedStateNotify[20150201 12:54:37.379] MC[EA5D] [FEA5]: generating intial request with root 77xxx1E[20150201 12:54:38.395] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Received request "id"[20150201 12:54:38.395] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Got id message from peer МАМА-ПК (10xxxA5) 1.4.103[20150201 12:54:38.395] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Received request "peers"[20150201 12:54:38.395] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: Received request "root"[20150201 12:54:38.395] MC[EA5D] [FEA5]: processing root message, remote hash 77xxx1E, timediff: -88[20150201 12:54:38.395] SF[EA5D] [FEA5]: State sync finished[20150201 12:54:44.245] SF[EA5D]: UpdatePeersStatSpeedtest on windows machine (slowest one) I expect to see constant speed about 350 Kbite/s, but in fact I see following: After daemon restart: Few minutes later Few minutes later or As a result average speed is about 100-150 kbite/s. Could you help me to find the problem? Thanks in advance! UPD. I have absolutely the same issue with one large file (3.5G)